Colour Mirrors

Colour has been used for centuries in healing, offering a holistic approach including your being – body, mind and spirit. Colour Mirrors allows you to unlock hidden obstacles in a playful and gentle way. The system helps you to tune into higher frequencies, enables and facilitates the shift you are ready to make. The radiant bottles are an amazing tool which takes energy, light and vibration and makes it tangible, accessible and real.

We all have formed believes, patterns and behaviours – this system allows us to have an untainted view of one-self, like looking in the mirror- true and real. It allows us to peel the layers gently and rebalances where needed, supports and shifts, all at the same time.

Readings are powerful and down to the core. Colour Mirror bottles and Essence sprays can assist you on a daily basis. For deep healing it is recommended to bath in the beautiful and luxurious essences to experience great shifts and alignment on a cellular level.

Colour Mirrors is a system that will make your life more colourful, abundant and fun! We help you see yourself more clearly in the mirror of colour and once you have acknowledged your own power and beauty, everything else will fall into place so that you can live a life of abundant joy.
Melissie Jolly – Founder

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