About me

Sandy grew up in Switzerland and was blessed to experience the beauty of nature with the freedom to explore mountain streams and lakes as well as various parts of France whilst her close knit family used to travel every free moment. She learned to value and use the energies of nature and grew from those experiences. She has been drawn to frequencies and energy work for many moons… She is a trained hair artist and a Jack of all traits, has experience in many different work areas and now specialises in energy healing and frequency work. The newest addition to her toolbox are Numerology and Colour Mirrors.

Energy, colours and natural beauty have always captured my attention. My endless stream of creativity and ideas have kept me busy and allowed me to work in all sorts of different areas. A few  years ago, the calling to energy-work was getting bigger and on the look out for my path I came across ACCESS CONCIOUSSNESS® which was the beginning of my amazing journey. Since then I have added REIKI, Colour Mirrors, Numerology and more…. The urge to learn hasn’t eased and my toolbox keeps expanding. I love supporting my clients and full sessions are amended to each individual person’s needs.